Gray and Burlap Bathroom

This bathroom decor evolved.  It started.  It paused.  It yawned.  I guess you could say it even took a long nap.


Gray and Burlap Bathroom

It all started with storing three 5 gal. paint cans in the corner of the bathroom.  What?  Don’t you ever have decorating that starts that way?  I did not want to continually look at three orange cans, so made a burlap slipcover.

Burlap Slipcovered 5 gal. paint cans

I had three color choices for my bathroom at the store: Gray, green, or yellow. (Hence, the three paint cans.) I really, really wanted to use the gray. As in “hold my breath, till I turn blue and get my way, gray.”  Really.  But, I thought the gray wall color would look too sophisticated for the burlap.  Oh, the dilemma!


Lucky for me, I have contacts at a furniture/home decor consignment store ;).  This floral picture was the right scale and combined the gray paint color and the gold/brown color of the burlap perfectly.  It’s also interesting that the picture has reds–since you don’t see a lot of red with gray right now, but contribute to the sophisticated/casual look so well, as do the stacked canvases.  (Am I totally over thinking this whole thing?   Nah, just pointing out the positives.)  Plus, I waited and waited for an appropriate little shelf to come in so I could place my paper hand towels in a basket up top.  (I purchased an industrial sized box of c-fold towels at Costco instead of rolls of paper towels.)  The mirror frame peeking into the photo, as well as, the actual shelf, should be getting a coat of paint in a burlap-y color before too long.

Bathroom Sink
An umbrella stand was added to hold essentials.  Ideally, I’d add a burlap skirt around the sink to hide the cleaning products.  I’m not sure if I’ll get that detailed, or not.

Now for a leetle drama:

Bathroom before/After

And, again:

Bathroom Before/AfterII

Phew.  Now for a cleansing visual!


Lastly, the arrangement was added to give a little life and texture to the room.  Okay, okay, you may have guessed that the orchid is a prop.  Usually this is a holder for my keys, a screwdriver or something else that I happen to be carrying around.

As you can imagine, I enjoy this room so much more now!

For other examples of burlap slipcovers, see HERE for a tutorial and HERE.

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  1. kim says

    not liking it at all.. none of it.. the color, the picture, the small shelf or the wrapped paint cans….sorry.. but i just dont.. and friends are supposed to be truthful with each other, right?

  2. Connie says

    Three choices of paint? I might not be reading that correctly… But even if you only had 3 choices, why not custom mix your own color using what you have on hand? I’ve done that numerous times. It’s always worked out wonderfully! Then you make a color card for future use so if needed, you can have it color matched for more paint later.

    I like the burlap cover (not sure why you have big cans of paint in your bathroom) but the idea to cover it is nice.

    • cheapchichome says

      The three choices of paint were the colors that were used in the store already, which were gray, green and gold, so I wouldn’t have wanted to take on a custom color–just not worth the effort, plus I liked all of the colors in the store. I thought the gray might be too dark for the small space, since it’s for function, not drama. The 5-gal. cans are stored in the bathroom to keep them out of the way in my back receiving area, and there’s room for them. It’s always a balance between function and “beauty” in a retail space…

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