Reclaimed Brick Mold Decor

Welcome to my “new-not-so-really-old” brick mold decor show off.  Every once in awhile Decor Steals will have a found object special featuring–you guessed it–brick molds.  They were one of those things that I thought were so interesting, yet, wondered what I would do with one to justify the price.  (I believe Decor Steals charges about $44, which is not bad for the “real thing”.)  But, a bit pricey if you justkindawannaplay with one.


Fortune smiled on me when I found this one at Goodwill.  And, then, I smiled.

CCH BlogI would guess that it is from the 70s.  The details are made to look like a genuine brick mold.  In the photos above, you can see the “before”.  After making some modifications–I added the little wooden peg “feet”, spray painted brown, to lift it, using hot glue in case I changed my mind.  ( I haven’t covered the lovely barn and Welcome, yet.  I placed document wrapping paper over them.)  And, oh yeah!  The great price!  For $5 and change, it was worth the “risk!”

I used it during the holidays, too.


Since I have so much “pent up” blogging, crafting energy, let me show you what it looks like, now.


I don’t know what the “theme” might be other than “Spring-y” crafting ADD.


I saw this idea recently at Ballard Designs.  How simple to roll up music and put it in a mercury glass container?  (The containers were $1 ea. at Big Lots (quite) awhile back.)


Next, I tried rubber stamping eggs.  Yes, I did!  If you want to try this, make sure you have flexible stamps that you can wrap around the eggs, and be patient, there is a little bit of a learning curve.


Lastly, I made faux spools, seen here.  Wooden disks measuring 2 1/4 inch from Michael’s for 99¢ each were used and a scrounged scrap piece of drapery dowel from the garage.

CCH Blog-001

I cut my dowel pieces at 5 1/2″.  I think I’d like to make some more using about a 3-3 1/2″ piece to get several smaller chunky spools.

DSCN9255-001Thanks for joining me, today.  What do you think of my brick mold???


  1. Shari says

    Actually I don’t think I have ever heard of a brick mold (until now–Learn something new everyday!) If I had seen that at Goodwill, I would have just thought it was an old and ugly, outdated country shelf. It looks awesome with the variety of things you have displayed in each section. Good find!

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