Upper Eyelid Surgery Before/After

In the spring, I went in for a (long overdue) physical. Little did I know how much the doctor would find wrong with me!


  1. says

    You look great. I am going to have the same surgery in the next few weeks. I have had a terrible time with my vision and I can't wait to do it.
    How was being awake during the surgery?

  2. Chris says

    Hi Kim,
    It’s nice to see you blogging again. I had the eyelid lift done about 8 yrs ago. Droopy eyelids are a family trait. Mine were so heavy my eyes looked half closed and my eyelashes were non-existent. It’s pretty bad when you have to lift the skin to arrange the folds in the morning or your hair gets caught in them. Why bother with eye shadow when you can’t see it? I just lived with it til my eye dr asked if they interfered with my vision. A week later they were done. He removed as much skin as he left! It was like someone opened the window shade! I had expected quite a bit of swelling and bruising but there was almost none of either……he uses radio waves instead of a scalpel for the incision. Took a good 20 yrs off my age and it felt great. Last month he performed another sweet gift for me – both eyes had cataracts removed. The paint can said white when we installed new woodwork last year but now it’s Clorox white! Everything is so much brighter! Same dr……I’d recommend him to anyone.

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