Denim Shorts Refashion Bleaching and Distressing

Bleaching and Distressing Denim

Yes, yes, yes I have seriously neglected my corner of the blog-o-sphere.  I probably won't be renewing my blog next year, so I decided to chronicle whatever is suiting my fancy. This is my second attempt at bleaching denim.  The problem, I believe, is that you need to keep stirring or agitating the bleach bath to get an even bleached look.  I let it sit since the color was so saturated, which resulted in random dark splotches. I started out with dark-wash jeans that I picked up at the … [Continue reading...]

Starbucks DIY Christmas Trees

Starbucks DIY Cone Craft

Welcome to the finale!  This is the moment for which I've been waiting (all year)!  Here are my three upcycled Starbucks Christmas trees! This is the final ornament in the series--a lovely little cone, below (a.k.a mussie tussie), to see where I got all of my inspiration (for all of the ornaments, really) see my Pinterest board. A brief "how to":  Using the band, cut out a V shape to make the largest cone you can, centering the mermaid, overlap and glue to make your cone (I used Tacky Glue … [Continue reading...]

Starbucks Ornament Diorama

Starbucks Diorama

Because I’m all over the 12-month timeline, September’s post is brought to you by way of December, ugh!  These last few are going to be quickies, since it’s so close to Christmas! I got the inspiration for this ornament from Jenn at Rook No. 17, here.  Keeping with the “trash to treasure” theme.  The bottom […]

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